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Welcome to the SHEd
Located above Out of the Box
A place where customization, creations, crafting and fun come together.


Feeling crafty, I'll book a party

We are so excited to finally bring you PARTIES at the SHEd.

We will have 2 options when we talk parties. 

1. Host a private party.

If you decide to host a party, you make the invite list.  Invite your party people for a fun night of creating and crafting, our team will help you every step of the way. 

2.  Pop in for a public workshop

A few times a month we will have public workshops available for anyone that wants a few fun hours of creativity. 



Who needs Etsy when you can order from the SHEd???  We work very hard to bring your ideas to life.   Our customization options are endless. We now offer

Custom shirts,

Custom cups, mugs, glasses,


Woodcutting/etching, and so much more...

Weather it's for your company, your reunion, concert trips, holidays, your family vacation or just a random Tuesday we would love to help you.

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