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Our Designs

Below are all of the designs we have available for our sign parties.  We have also included some of the pictures from past parties so that you can see other signs that have been created at our workshops. If you are looking for some more inspiration please check out our Pinterest page for ideas!  You can choose any design and alter the text, or send us an email with a picture of what you would like to make! 

Email us a

*** Pricing for all signs is available at the bottom of the gallery

****Al signs are painted with Country Chic Paints.  To view their color line, click here

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Past Parties


12"x12" - $45

6"x24" - $45

12"x16" - $50

12"x24" - $55

12"x36" - $65

18"x18" - $65

24"x24" - $70

2'x3' - $100

6'x12" - $85

22"x30" Noodle Board w/ Handles - $135

15" Round - $55

18" Round - $60

24" Round - $70

Add Handles - $15

Add Frame - $15

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